Stream for Instagram


Thank You!

Stream is no longer available on the App Store as Instagram is cutting off API accesses to third party browsers like Stream.It has been a great journey creating Stream as my maiden app and I would like to thank everybody that have provided your inputs. I am thankful to all the feedbacks and humbled by the comments I’ve received. In the mean time, I might rebrand Stream with another platform or service. Thank you once again!

Elegant & Efficient UI/UX

A 2 column grid view facilitates a faster browsing experience while consuming less data. 

Download Photos & Videos

Because bookmarking is simply not enough. Stop wasting your time taking screenshots and inaccurately cropping them. It only takes one tap do download photos and videos in full resolution.

Zoom Photos

Sometimes, some things are worth a closer look. Zoom your photos like how they were meant to be on your device.

Copy Captions

With Stream, you can!

Safe Mode

Temporarily disables liking of media. (Psst, use this if you’re stalking in the dark!)

Video Tour

If you have a moment and haven’t used Stream before, heres a video tour of it when it was still alive.